Grief And Loss

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” – Rumi

Coping with loss is never easy. In my whole life, I’ve experienced many loss. The most heart shattering one was from my beloved cat, Georgie, who died because probably eating rat poison. On the day of his death, I was in Beijing. The thought of being able to say goodbye before I go was probably a little bit soothing, but the thought of me never seeing him again was so heartbreaking.

Dealing with loss is never easy. There are many times, when some people goes depressed, and becomes… liveless, because of the loss. Many cries bucket of tears. It takes a long time for certain people to get over it. If it’s not precious, maybe two to three days, if it is really precious, then, it will almost never be gotten over. My mom couldn’t get over his loss of her first daughter (a.k.a my older sister) and first cat. She has a very special memory with those two.

In lots of stories about animals, every since a beloved animal has died, the owners refused to have another pet, never wanting to bear the same loss that they suffered some two to three years back, until they met another animal, who actually ‘begged’ to be their pet. Of course, in my opinion, you must get over your loss, but it doesn’t mean you shut down that piece of memory completely and forget about it. Remember, that whoever died will always still have a special piece in your heart.

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“Hi, Elysa! How’s your cat?” That question was (almost) always asked.

“They are all fine, thank you.” I would answer.

As if on cue, the next question would be, “‘They’? How many cats do you have?”

“I have four. Sugar, the fattest cat in history. Stampy, the one who dropped chargers all over the places. Scarlett, going to arrive in my house soon (from my cousin). And Storm, my black Angora.” That’s what I would say.

“Wait…” Whoever asking would pause. “I never knew you had an Angora cat!”

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The Tumble of Six Little Kittens

We all know Sugar and love her. I am happy to say, that she is doing fine right now, and I am going to tell you about what she and I went through last year, that is, on January 8, 2013.

Sugar was pregnant. Everyone knows that, by the looks of her enlarge stomach, and her huge lazyness. On January 7th, I knew the time has come. That very afternoon, Sugar was already panting and looking at me with pleading eyes. I tried to make her as comfortable as I could with an old wicker basket and telling my other cat to stay away. Someone called on the phone and I answered, “Not now! My cat is giving birth!” Well, that ‘miracle’ did not happen in that day at all.

The next day, I heard a report that Sugar did not come for breakfast. Has she given birth already, I asked myself. Last time Ginger, my other cat, gave birth, she refused to be left alone and whenever we walked, she followed. I called Sugar, but Sugar did not appear. At last,  there came my decision that she may had already given birth somewhere with (maybe) five or four kittens, judging by the enlargened stomach. That was when I saw Sugar, passing my house. She was sniffing here and there; searching for a nest.. I called to her and she didn’t come, so I did my final resort, I went out of my house to get her. She dived in the gutter, the dry one. So, with the help with my houskeeper, I went in and get her. I introduced her to her basket and she stayed there.

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