The Ugly Truth of Accidental Animal Abuse

lionEnjoy my new article in The Jakarta Post on June 10, 2016:

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The Ugly Truth of Accidental Animal Abuse

It all started with a small misunderstanding. A father and son spotted a bison calf lying in the middle of the road at Yellowstone National Park, and decided that it looked “cold”.

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Sumatran Rhino: A Real Threat of Extinction in Sight

rhinoMy article was published in The Jakarta Post on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

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Sumatran Rhino: A Real Threat of Extinction In Sight

About a month ago, an extremely rare ten-year-old female Sumatran rhino was captured in East Kalimantan province through a pit trap.

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The First Day In A Cheesy Novel

seagulls_at_sunset_by_jezvi-d4gvbdzA little bit faster, my anticipation building up. It was like the first day of school when you go to Kindergarden or something. — Go Ask Alice

It’s finally the end of my holidays, and I’m now preparing to go to school. The books are set, and the uniform already ironed out and neatly washed, prepared for the new term. Everybody’s feeling nervous, especially the new students, or transfer students. I myself, feel a little agitated when I hear the word ‘school’ mentioned by other people. Honestly, there are many questions that I keep thinking over and over again. What if I am selected in the class which is filled with those smart girls? Or maybe the class with the bullies? What if my classroom’s air circulation were bad and someone farted?

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Grief And Loss

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” – Rumi

Coping with loss is never easy. In my whole life, I’ve experienced many loss. The most heart shattering one was from my beloved cat, Georgie, who died because probably eating rat poison. On the day of his death, I was in Beijing. The thought of being able to say goodbye before I go was probably a little bit soothing, but the thought of me never seeing him again was so heartbreaking.

Dealing with loss is never easy. There are many times, when some people goes depressed, and becomes… liveless, because of the loss. Many cries bucket of tears. It takes a long time for certain people to get over it. If it’s not precious, maybe two to three days, if it is really precious, then, it will almost never be gotten over. My mom couldn’t get over his loss of her first daughter (a.k.a my older sister) and first cat. She has a very special memory with those two.

In lots of stories about animals, every since a beloved animal has died, the owners refused to have another pet, never wanting to bear the same loss that they suffered some two to three years back, until they met another animal, who actually ‘begged’ to be their pet. Of course, in my opinion, you must get over your loss, but it doesn’t mean you shut down that piece of memory completely and forget about it. Remember, that whoever died will always still have a special piece in your heart.

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