Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist

let-the-right-one-inOskar was weird, in the bad-kind-of-way, which is probably why he’s a soft target for the bullies in his school. Oskar was more of like the quiet guy who sits at the back of the class, who had no friends at all. Oskar could be described as dull, without anything sticking out of him at all. Oskar himself lived inside a broken family. His mother was probably the only person he had a connection with, his father’s status unknown. Alcoholic, he was assumed to be living in the countryside.

The harsh bullying  he received and the loneliness which followed caused him to have an unnatural tendency to collect clippings of articles regarding crimes and murders. With a quick deal with his friend Tommy, Oskar had acquired a knife for himself, where he could spend his time plunging the blade into wood. He would fantasize himself plunging a knife into the gut of the ringleader of the bullies–Jonny.

Every bullied kid feels that way. Oskar is an example of someone that has been broken inside. There are many psychological things that would come with bullying and neglect. Oskar was described to be a very quiet boy, unable to stand up for himself to the point where he couldn’t even raise his own hand. He even had a piss-ball, making the torment that he goes through daily just something that should be faced without a fight, so that he could escape the problem faster. Oskar longs for somebody who could protect him, even to the point where he was ready to tail a policeman and hopes to get offered some form of shield from himself and the bullies.

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The Talented Mr Ripley by Patricia Highsmith

the talented mr ripleyWhat Tom Ripley wanted is to be rich, and happy, but it is not possible yet. He goes around the streets, being a nobody, trying to avoid the cops left and right, from a possible recent crime. The story starts with Tom feeling that he is being followed. He tries to shake off whoever is following him, with the possible theory that he is being shadowed by the police. I could imagine him clearly in my mind, a thin man with a long coat and a hat to cover his face, and a pipe sticking out, looking as inconspicuous as possible.

When he is finally cornered by his follower, Tom finds out that (1) His follower is not a cop. (2) It is Mr.Greenleaf, the father of one of Tom’s old friends, Dickie Greenleaf, or rather, Richard Greenleaf. (3) Mr. Greenleaf, and his wife who suffers lukemia, (3) Tom is getting paid for a trip to Europe and for everything after that, under the condition that he has try and persuade Dickie to come home. Tom happily obliges.

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When The Wind Blows by James Patterson

when the wind blowsModern science had advanced so far, until scientists had created a hybrid between a human and a bird, only, they are doing it illegally. In this story, Max (an eleven year old girl with wings), and her brother Matthew, escapes the ‘school’ – a nickname for the place they stay, which is, a sort of a secret laboratory in the mountains. Some genetic researchers who work there create a small group of children with wings. Max and Matthew are one of the hybrids, and since they are half bird, they are able to fly when one day, they run away. Thanks to “the hunters” –  those who work in the lab – chase them with guns, the two siblings get separated.

That’s where the thrill begins…

When The Wind Blows by James Patterson grabbed me in the first chapter. It is a touching story about a group of children who are mistreated and misused for the benefit of another group of people. This group is using the children as test subjects by mutating cells of different animals and using host women to give birth to the children. These children are born mutated; some have wings, some have no faces, and some do not even survive. The ones that die, or are later “put to sleep” are stuffed away.

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Zoo by James Patterson and Micheal Ledwidge

zooThis story was one of my cherished stories, as it consists of animals, which are my favorite things in the worlds. Like Michael Chrichton’s books, this book is a techno-thriller set in the present day. It explores about a mystery illness that suddenly spreading around the world. The story is so real, but I can assure the readers, that it is entirely a fiction; well, let’s hope it will be. This is also my first book that I will be reviewing on a writer who works together with another writer.

Jackson Oz is a young biologist. He knows that the day is coming; he’s been steadily studying animal behavior toward humans for years. At the first few pages, he has a housemate, a chimpanze that is staying with him temporarily, named Atilla, and they are leading a normal and good life. That is a few years when animal attacks started rising everywhere. The prolog says about Mosa and Dominik, a pair of lions in a zoo which start attacking people.

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