The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

the palace of illusionAll young Panchaali had known as a kid was one propechy. She has been foreseen to make a mark in history. That’s made  her so curious on how and why she would do it. Her nanny  has often rambled on and on how she and her elder brother, Dhri was born. Secretly, Panchaali didn’t all of it because she knew that Dhai Maa often mixed things with what she was true and what she actually wanted to happen.

It was true that she was born from fire that was prayed straight to the Gods. It was true, that the King, her father, only expected for a son. It was also true that her brother was prophesied to kill their father’s worst enemy and that she was about the change the course of history. But she didn’t really believe that her father welcomed them both. She had a fleeting blur kind of memory that when her father wanted to pick only her brother up to show to the crowd, they held hands so tight. Alas! Their father was forced to welcome them both.

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Kitab Omong Kosong (The Book of Nonsense) by Seno Gumira Ajidarma

kitab omong kosongKitab Omong Kosong is a sort-of-philosophical-fiction book, written in Indonesian language. This is my first difficult (and most challanging) Indonesian novel that I attempted to read. It revolves around  five theories about the worlds, each overlapping and going against the other theories. The theories are written in the form of a story that most people know, called Ramayana. However, the story of Ramayana is twisted in many ways, intertwined with the new plots and characters. Together, they are called Kitab Omong Kosong. How two young people named Satya and Maneka try to find the book, and what their life get to do with the life of Hanuman, the monkey God, who has a great and long spirit? It also tells us the destruction of the White horse army, which start from Maneka’s tatoo that begins this book of nonsense.

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