Charles Darwin and His Legacy

“From so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being evolved.” – Ending words of the Origin of Species. 

the-origin-of-speciesCharles Darwin–my favorite great naturalist who has shaped the view of the natural word through his awe inspiring book The Origin of Species–has described himself as a ‘very naughty boy’ during his young days in his autobiography, released after his death. He had a big family, with six brothers and sisters and was stuck in the middle of it, being the fourth child in the family. Darwin’s hobby involved collecting things and getting into them, which frustrates his father and his older sisters who were in charge of looking after him.

Childhood aside, he described the path of his career to be very confusing. His father wanted him to continue the family business and become a physician. He obeyed, describing that the practice was extremely boring. He found it dull. Later he mentioned that becoming a physician was completely useless for his future as a naturalist. After two years in Edinburgh university, he stopped the physician degree under the agreement of his father. He them was set on the path to be a clergymen, which he dropped soon after.

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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

in cold bloodThis story was actually a nonfiction story about a crime that happened in Holcomb, Kansas. The author actually talked to the killers, holding personal interviews for the book, having a better relationship with Perry Edward Smith, then the other ex-killer, Richard Dick Hickock. Both were soon hanged to death after five years of a death row.

The Clutters were good people, rich, and widely known and respected. Mr Clutter, and his wife, Bonnie Fox, and their four children, three daughters and one son. Eveanna and Beverly had already moved out, with Eveanna already having a son, and the two young children, Nancy, who was 16, and had a boyfriend named Bobbie, and Kenyon, who was 15.

Trying to solve a murder mystery is like trying to find a golden needle in a mountain of hay. You have suspects, and you will often meet dead ends. The police worked so hard trying to find out who killed the Clutter family. It could not be Bobbie, for he was already tested, and it could not be the guy who was down the street that morning. The police, was out of ideas to find the criminal.

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