The Dog who Dared to Dream by Sun-mi Hwang

the-dog-who-dared-to-dreamAt 169 pages, it is a very short read and I’d think from the cover and title, this book is for kids but actually, it is aimed at adults. Scraggy was born in a litter of eight, being the strangest colored puppy in the litter with the most distinctive appearance. Unlike her mother and father, Scraggy bear a thick and curly black colored pelt which had probably came down from the dominate recessive gene rule. She wasn’t the most attractive puppy, but she was the one that could cause people to give her a second glance.

Scraggy’s owners were Grandpa and Grandma Screecher, who bred dogs for money. Scraggy–who was still a puppy then–had to watch in confusion as one by one, her remaining surviving siblings were taken away by people. From the start of her life, Scraggy had already had it hard. Her mother was described to shun her out as an outsider, and at least two of her litter-mates did not survive their puppyhood. She was also easily tormented by the cat next door. At a young age, Scraggy was forced to learn about the cycle of life. Scraggly learned that love and truth weren’t always wrapped up in the nicest of packages.

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Kappa by Ryunosuke Akutagawa

kappaA Kappa could be called a demon, or an imp in Japanese folklore. They are described to be a creature with the form of a human, but about the size of a child, ranging from colors of green, yellow and blue. Kappas is said to inhibit the water bodies of Japan. Kappas could resemble a kind of amphibian, with webbed feet and the ability to ‘smell like a fish’ and swim like them. As interesting as a Kappa would sound, there’s one hardcore fact driven down. They do not exist. A Kappa is entirely fictional, and originates from myths. Same goes to every dragons, demons, and imps out there.

This story is supposed to be the past experience of a person who was living in the insane asylum under the title of a madman. The story itself has been told many times throughout the hospital, to the other inmates and interested visitors. The patient was depicted to be very calm, and polite during the story sessions, except at a very certain and touchy part which would cause the mad part of him to surface. The doctors did agree that it was a very interesting story. It could be possible that the patient was having acute schizophrenia, which explained his visions throughout the epilogue about the kappas and his sudden mood swings.

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Stardust by Neil Gaiman

stardustThis story is a fantasy novel, a kind of a fairy tale  twisted and turned, until it resembles nothing but horror. The happy ending which (always) was expected… all gone. This is the fifth Neil Gaiman book I’ve read. It is one of those I liked best aside from Coraline, of course. I have been a big fans of Neil Gaiman since I was nine years old.

Do people believe in magic? I’ve recently watched a movie called ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ a fantasy story, which brings me to a world full of hidden magic. Only that, most people don’t believe in magic. Ofelia, the hero, tried to bring it up, but all she received was wondering eyes from adults and questioning looks of whether something was wrong with her. They lacked the power to believe. It is also mentioned in Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. After many years, everybody would get buried down under the rabbit’s fur. We’re all so comfortable, we would start picking up our own routine. We would never questioning things, trapped in a world where we expect everything to stay normal and panicking at every sign of strangeness.

Please, people! Don’t lose your sparkle.

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