The Name of The Rose by Umberto Eco

the name of the roseThis story was set in the year 1327. When King Edward III acceded to the English throne in the year January 25, and on February 1st became King of England. It is the first novel of an Italian murder, which means that the setting is in an Italian Monastery. The two main characters had visited the monastery. The story was narrated by Adso, the helper of the main character, Brother William. The story was mostly about him.

On the trip in the monastery, suddenly, somebody got murdered, leaving the whole Monastery shaken with fear. William accepted the Abbot’s request to help find the murder. So on was the quest, William started talking to many people to search for clues. He interviewed the herbalist to find out which herb killed. Meanwhile, Adso just watched, and learned.

The story got even more and more confusing, as more people died. William noticed that three of their fingers were stained with black, and their tongue was black too. They were also found in random places, like death in the bathtub. And their corpses mostly found in water, looked recent, confusing the ‘detective’ even more, and frustrating him.

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Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

crime and punishmentWhen Raskolnikov kills an old pawnbroker widow and his sister, then robs all their money, he is totally swallowed by the obsession to cover up his crime. He counters himself repeatedly with the thought that he could perform good deeds, to reverse what he has done; while getting rid of the pawnbroker widow, who he thought as a vermin. He also commits it to test a hypothesis that: ‘some people’ are actually capable of things, and even have the right to do that.

Raskolnikov hides the money after he takes the pawnbroker widow due to his fear of being found out. He becomes obssessed of it, hiding down everything, throwing away his bloodstained clothes and shoes and slowly becomes more and more depressed. At the same time, his sister, Dunia, and mother comes to town, with the plans of his sister going to marry somebody he does not like.

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