The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

book-of-lost-things-225Imagine this: Your name were David, and you were twelve years old. Your mother had just passed away. You mourned for her death. Now, it’s just the two of you left, you and your dad. At first, your life had to continue without your mom, but all men couldn’t do it. The next moment, your dad already had a new girl named Rose, and the next second, they were already dating, and ath the end, they married. Then Rose had a baby boy named Georgie. You raged out. You fought a lot with that woman because you hated her at the very first sight. But she didn’t hate you, she wanted to try and make peace, but you wouldn’t let her. Your father wasn’t any help either. He was already sick and tired with both of you fighting and bickering over very small things.

Could you imagine it? If you could, let me ask you a question: which side are you going to be? David? His father? Or Rose?

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Fairy Tales From Brothers Grimm by Philip Pullman

brother grimm“Swiftness is a great virtue in the fairy tales. All we need is the word ‘Once’ and we’re off!”

I’ve always like fairy tales, probably because of watching the  TV series Once Upon a Time, and falling in love by how twisted the plots become. And in a second, this book landed in my hands. I’ve reread the stories many many times, and it always ends with a happy ending.

Philip Pullman, who had joined all these fairy tails together was born on 19 October 1946. His most famous books were the His Dark Materials series, a trilogy that I had read some time ago, and his fictional book about Jesus called Jesus, The Good Man Jesus and Scoundrel Christ.

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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

treasure islandWhen Billy Bones enters the inn for the first time, Jim Hawkin, the son of the innkeeper, only assumes him as one of the long term lodger, only paying the first week of his stay and becomes a drunken seaman. It does not take young Jim Hawkins long to realize that Billy Bones is in hiding, from a man with one leg. Black Dog, appears in the inn one day, and Jim Hawkins who is the only witness to the door, hears the fight and bangs and crashes, and is in time to see Black Dog fleeing and Billy Bones suffering a stroke.

Billy Bones confesses everything to Jim Hawkins, but not to everyone. He tells Jim he is an ex-crew of Captain Flint and his ex-crewmates wants Captain Flint’s chest, which is currently with him. And he gives Jim the map. Black Dog and his crew never did leave Billy Bones alone. Some time later, this time it is Pew, a blind ex-crew of Captain Flint who demands to see Billy Bones and hands him a paper to discover the Black Spot, a pirate’s summons, with the warning that he has until 10’o clock to meet their demand. Billy Bones has a stroke and dies on the spot, leaving the pirates to attack the inn. Jim Hawkin and his family lives.

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Moominpappa at Sea by Tove Jansson

moominpappa at seaMoominpappa’s family is extraordinary. They are consisting of standard family members: parents and two children (one boy one girl), but all of them have a different personality. Moominpappa is the leader of the family and has the most authorotive tone. He likes to be on the lead of all of things, and make responsibility as his first priority. Moominmama is the gentle one of the family. She likes to paint and can blend herself with her paintings. She loves to garden and will work really hard to achieve a dream garden.

Moomintroll is the mysterious and lonely son of the Moomin family. He is the most introvet family member. He is inquistive and loves to try and find out new stuffs, like the sea horse shoes and the lonely Groke. Little My is the little girl. I think she is probably adopted as she doesn’t look like the rest of the family. She is smart and has a tomboyish attitude. The whole family together, has a cheerful attitude. They talk to each other on their sadness, happiness, ideas, inspirations and facts. The characters are surprisingly complex and plausible.

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