Stardust by Neil Gaiman

stardustThis story is a fantasy novel, a kind of a fairy tale  twisted and turned, until it resembles nothing but horror. The happy ending which (always) was expected… all gone. This is the fifth Neil Gaiman book I’ve read. It is one of those I liked best aside from Coraline, of course. I have been a big fans of Neil Gaiman since I was nine years old.

Do people believe in magic? I’ve recently watched a movie called ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ a fantasy story, which brings me to a world full of hidden magic. Only that, most people don’t believe in magic. Ofelia, the hero, tried to bring it up, but all she received was wondering eyes from adults and questioning looks of whether something was wrong with her. They lacked the power to believe. It is also mentioned in Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. After many years, everybody would get buried down under the rabbit’s fur. We’re all so comfortable, we would start picking up our own routine. We would never questioning things, trapped in a world where we expect everything to stay normal and panicking at every sign of strangeness.

Please, people! Don’t lose your sparkle.

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All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

all the pretty horsesThis story has a more American, cowboy like setting. It takes place in a ranch, which is no surprise. At history class at school, I finally learned about the cowboy age in America. It was during some centuries after Chirstopher Columbus had discovered the new land, which is now the Brahams islands. There were lots of good exchanges between America and Europe after that. Europe gained new crops, animals and diseases, and the same thing happened to America. One of the creatures that was transported to America, and introduced to the country was the horse. A key feature in the life of ranching in America which happened some time later. And it was all because of a voyage that caused a Captain to face lots of things–mutiny, hunger and dehydration, and the treat of sailing to unknown charted lands.

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The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

book-of-lost-things-225Imagine this: Your name were David, and you were twelve years old. Your mother had just passed away. You mourned for her death. Now, it’s just the two of you left, you and your dad. At first, your life had to continue without your mom, but all men couldn’t do it. The next moment, your dad already had a new girl named Rose, and the next second, they were already dating, and ath the end, they married. Then Rose had a baby boy named Georgie. You raged out. You fought a lot with that woman because you hated her at the very first sight. But she didn’t hate you, she wanted to try and make peace, but you wouldn’t let her. Your father wasn’t any help either. He was already sick and tired with both of you fighting and bickering over very small things.

Could you imagine it? If you could, let me ask you a question: which side are you going to be? David? His father? Or Rose?

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The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman

golden compassEverybody in this world has a daemon. The daemon is part of their soul, and reflects their personality. When they feel anger and tension at someone else, their daemons will feel it too and fight. When its love, the daemons will nuzzle and pat each other. This is the central idea of The Golden Compass; but I think the concept is not merely just a fiction, or fantasy. It really can relate to us. People has different personalities. Some are solitary like cats, while othres form groups and have a strong sense of belonging, like dogs. Some gets super hardworking like ants, while others are slow like sloths. Some are fierce like sharks, while others are gentle like panda. That’s daemon is all about.

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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

treasure islandWhen Billy Bones enters the inn for the first time, Jim Hawkin, the son of the innkeeper, only assumes him as one of the long term lodger, only paying the first week of his stay and becomes a drunken seaman. It does not take young Jim Hawkins long to realize that Billy Bones is in hiding, from a man with one leg. Black Dog, appears in the inn one day, and Jim Hawkins who is the only witness to the door, hears the fight and bangs and crashes, and is in time to see Black Dog fleeing and Billy Bones suffering a stroke.

Billy Bones confesses everything to Jim Hawkins, but not to everyone. He tells Jim he is an ex-crew of Captain Flint and his ex-crewmates wants Captain Flint’s chest, which is currently with him. And he gives Jim the map. Black Dog and his crew never did leave Billy Bones alone. Some time later, this time it is Pew, a blind ex-crew of Captain Flint who demands to see Billy Bones and hands him a paper to discover the Black Spot, a pirate’s summons, with the warning that he has until 10’o clock to meet their demand. Billy Bones has a stroke and dies on the spot, leaving the pirates to attack the inn. Jim Hawkin and his family lives.

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