Pet Sematary by Stephen King

StephenKingPetSemataryThe dead is dead. They can’t come back to life anymore. I have many experiences in which the dead stray cats that I used to feed outside the house. They are either getting ill and died or getting run down by a car.  I spent many weeks grieving, but it’s the process of life. I eventually move on on and work my way back to my daily activities. People cope with grief in many different ways. Some take longer than others.

But what would happen if there is an opportunity to bring the dead back to life? I could reunite myself with my long lost companion; George Washington, my lovely cat. Just to spend more time with him, and I’ll do anything to bring him back to life. Unfortunately it’s not possible at all. There can be a time when people reflect how far science and technology has gone, and maybe someday there can be a time to bring the dead to life, but it’s impossible. And it seriously is. Maybe someday humans can fly someday just by drinking pills, but something dead stays dead.

Louis Creed was living in what anyone would call a normal family life. He had a wife and two children (and a cat), and they had just moved in to the country. It was a chance for Louis to start on his new job as a doctor in a nearby university. The move didn’t really went on smoothly as expected, with his toddler son Gage getting stung by a bee and his preschool daughter falling off the tire swing which was by the yard of their new house.

I’m not really a believer of karma, and I always find luck to be black and white. There are many superstitions in the world. At my younger years, I always wondered the reason why there was no such thing as a 4th floor or a 13th floor in a hotel. The answer is because people had always believed that a certain number (which is 4 in Chinese, and 13 in American) will cause extreme bad luck that will lead to death. Ever heard about the superstition that a black cat crossing your road will lead to bad luck? Its one of the common ones. And guess what? I find that superstition completely wrong.

Louis Creed became fast friends with his neighbor, Jud Crandall, who gradually introduces Louis into the new neighborhood. Jud starts by warning Louis about the highway that runs past their house. It has a record of speeding trucks passing by that kills nearby wandering pets and wild raccoon. Jud warns to keep Louis’s kids away from the street. Louis also had to face the decision of castrating Church, which Louis is reluctant to do. Castrating is a form of taking out the male animal’s reproductive organs, making them unable to breed anymore.

I do not find castrating cruel at all. I had castrated all my male cats and sterilized all my female cats. It causes them to lead a more peaceful life without the risk of increased accidents due to the lack of hormones. It also gives them more resistance towards diseases that will eventually lead them to a long life, which is why I support all forms of castrating.

A few weeks after moving in, the horror begins. It first happened when one of Louis’s students gets into a freak accident, addressing his dying words to Louis–someone who was still a stranger to him, up to that point which Louis barely understood.  After that point on, Louis gets visited by many dreams involved by the dead man. It reached its peak when–after Ellie left with Gage and Rachel to visit her grandparents–when Church gets run over by a car.

Louis was scared stiff to reveal Church’s death to his daughter and decided to hide it. He vented out his feelings towards Jud who told him a secret. Jud decided to lead Louis towards the Pet cemetery, written as ‘Sematary’ which was up the hills, pretty close by to Louis’s house. But instead of leading Louis towards the cemetery itself, Jud led Louis far beyond the cemetery, to an ancient burying ground.

A place where the dead can go back to life.

Church returned to life the next day, but Louis could barely control his disgust towards the cat. The cat stank like mud, and was listless like a walking zombie. Church had lost all his former grace, and spent his time hunting vermin and gutting them open–leaving them for Louis and his family to find later. Church also lost his spot on Ellie’s bed, because of Ellie’s grumbles that she believes that Church stinks.

And that was the start of the climax of the story. Which is why death must never be messed around with.

The Pet Semetary is my third book of Stephen King, with It being the second, and Carrie being the first. I just finished my fourth Stephen King book–The Dreamcatcher, equally disturbing as the Pet Semetary. To put it bluntly, Stephen King is an American author that specializes in horror books–books that both disgust and scare me, but to the point where I can’t put them down.


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