The First Day In A Cheesy Novel

seagulls_at_sunset_by_jezvi-d4gvbdzA little bit faster, my anticipation building up. It was like the first day of school when you go to Kindergarden or something. — Go Ask Alice

It’s finally the end of my holidays, and I’m now preparing to go to school. The books are set, and the uniform already ironed out and neatly washed, prepared for the new term. Everybody’s feeling nervous, especially the new students, or transfer students. I myself, feel a little agitated when I hear the word ‘school’ mentioned by other people. Honestly, there are many questions that I keep thinking over and over again. What if I am selected in the class which is filled with those smart girls? Or maybe the class with the bullies? What if my classroom’s air circulation were bad and someone farted?

The first day of school is always a cliché theme in the cheesy young adult books I’ve mostly read. The main character would make a huge fool of themselve, then doing something great, and become a really popular hero at the end. Add a huge bowl of  sweet romance, like Eleanor And Park. Between Hunger and Ender, I’ve become quite suspicious of the concept of games and thought my school is going to be like a war zone.

Have you read Go Ask Alice? It starts with a new day of school too. I have a well-worn copy of that 1970s teenage classic. Although it’s quite oldies now, I love it better than The Fault In Our Star another young adult novel. I generally want a protagonist who was teenager like me and put herself/himself into trouble. And if s/he is a loner, very smart, likes to have a long monologue about how much the world suck, or she accidentally found herself pregnant with no one, well, count me in.

So, okay, I found the first day of school scenes in many young adult books. It means school can be dealt differently. According to those books, it is okay to be worried about school. Also, there are many websites in the internet that can help get through the first day in school. Some kids even call it ‘How to Survive the First Day of School.’ There are so much memorable stories about “our first day”, from the worst to the cheesiest. What’s a big deal?

I promise myself to be cool in every first day of school. I would stay calm and be myself. Everybody likes originality, don’t they? When I am not nervous and enjoying my time, I wouldn’t even hear my heartbeats that announce another new chapter of my life.


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