The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

book-of-lost-things-225Imagine this: Your name were David, and you were twelve years old. Your mother had just passed away. You mourned for her death. Now, it’s just the two of you left, you and your dad. At first, your life had to continue without your mom, but all men couldn’t do it. The next moment, your dad already had a new girl named Rose, and the next second, they were already dating, and ath the end, they married. Then Rose had a baby boy named Georgie. You raged out. You fought a lot with that woman because you hated her at the very first sight. But she didn’t hate you, she wanted to try and make peace, but you wouldn’t let her. Your father wasn’t any help either. He was already sick and tired with both of you fighting and bickering over very small things.

Could you imagine it? If you could, let me ask you a question: which side are you going to be? David? His father? Or Rose?

Everything happened to David. For him, it was as if the whole world was falling to him all at once, crushing him underneath him. Rose had a house, in which the whole new family moved to; house she inherited long ago. It was big and old; had lots of stories floating about it about a missing boy named Jonathan and his young adopted sister named Anna. They happened to disappear without a trace. David had got Jonathan’s old room. He was fascinated about the beauty of it. He fell in love with the story books which were full of twisted fairy tales, about Little Red Riding Hood and evil scary wolves.

He had a hard time settling in, but he had to. He thought he saw an old man walking into his room, but when he came bursting in with his father, there was nobody in the room. At the same time, he started to have this visions about his mother being alive and needing him to find her. He panicked. On one night, after a huge fight with Rose, he heard his mother’s voice. He followed it to the garden, into a hole in the hedge.

That was where all the adventures begun.

David had a lot of positive and negative traits. He had some impatient kind of traits. He hated it when things were slow. He also was egoistic and into himself at the start of the story, before maturing slowly at the crazy whirl of events that happened inside the world he appeared in. He’s also rash, had a short-temper. He also found it hard to trust people he just met. But good features mean that he’s willing to help other people, showing compassion to defenseless creatures that could not defend themselves, even in the mouth of death.

This story revolves around fairy tales which are twisted. Such an idea I really like. Who likes to read the same old Cinderella again and again: a story of a girl who was being bullied, had a fairy god mother, lost a shoe at the ball, ran away home but the prince found her at the end? Who wants to listen in the same old tale retold again and again? Some people might like it, but I am lead by my curiosity to get to know the other side of every stories.

David was dumped in a world where there were a pack of wolves who wanted to overthrow the king who was really old. The King was rumoured to have a book that could answer all of Jonathan’s answers. There he met the wood cutter who told him that the wolves were actually a fuse, a breed between a girl named Red Riding Hood and a wolf. The pack of wolves were half human, half wolf. They talked like a human, worn clothes like a human, but they looked like a wolf and eat like a wolf. The most evil one of all was their pack leader, supposedly the first half-wolf every created named Loup.

David had to go to the king’s castle with a gigantic pack of wolf chasing after him, and the supposedly mysterious old man who seemed to be interested with him for some kind of reason, unknown to everybody, there was many reasons why, and all of them was directed to the old man’s will. He wanted to use David, to make his life longer, and to do that, David had to do something for him, a very easy task that he could try to convince David, or trick David into doing so. And while to do that, the old man followed David around, waiting, waiting for his chance to strike.

John Connolly is an Irish writer who is best known for his series of novels starring private detective Charlie Parker. He was born in the year 1968, on May 31 in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland. He won several awards like the Edgar Award for Best Short Story, Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel and the Shamus Award for Best First P. I. Novel. I really like the way he wrote this book, and can’t wait to read another one of his book!


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