Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

go ask alice“A lot of teenagers try to run away- some never make it back.” -A Quote describing the book

This book is in a form of the diary– Alice’s diary. Let’s call her “Alice”, but names and dates have been changed. The story is the actual diary of a fifteen-year-old drug user.

In the first few months of the entries, Alice was having a pretty normal life at the age of 15. Okay. By normal, I mean she did the things that every teenager does and feels. She got worried about the weight, and tries on diets, until her mother forcefully told her to stop. For her, her life revolved around her, boys, her constantly nagging parents, and friends. It is mentioned that she was going to move to a new town, and she was excited for her new chapter to begin. A new chapter for her really begun on the 10th of July.

She was invited to a party, her first party when she moved, she was elastic. When she went there, she did had a fun time, until the cokes were hand out. Little did she know, that that there were LSD spiked in it. Of course Alice didn’t know it. She described it in her diary as ‘a wonderful feeling.’ When Jill (The girl who invited Alice to the party) told her that 10 out of the 14 drinks had LSD in it, Alice’s life changed drastically. She started trying out different kinds of drugs, often getting stoned and high.  Of course she kept it secret from her parents.

My school always rambles on and on about not taking drugs. Of course, I never even dream of taking any of those things, but alot of people do and die from it. They take drugs as an escape from the real world. Come to think of it, most drug users are people who are miserable in life. According to the datas I read recently, most of the teens who take drugs have divorced or fighting parents, or parents who constantly abuse them. They don’t have friends in real life, sometimes are isolated by the society. Drugs makes them feel happy by getting ‘high’.

The story moves on, with Alice changing her life. She met a girl named Chris, who was about a year older than her, and a drug addict. (Her mom and dad had split up.) Both of them met with two boys named Richie and Ted who gave them drugs to use and to sell. In her diary entries, Alice had constantly repeated that she felt a little bit guilty, selling drugs to nine year old kids, but she had fallen in love with Richie. Of course, her guilt wore off as soon as she saw him.

And then, Chris and Alice found out that the boys betrayed both of them. They decided to walk away from home and start a new life. They had a very long and hard time trying to find a job. When they did, they were contented for a while. They even tried to stop using drugs, but that proved impossible in the next few weeks. They had grown something, tried to stop it, but it went out of control in the very end.

Shelia was the name of Chris’s boss who told them that they were invited to a party. They partied with drugs and was getting high for several nights, until they were raped by Shelia and her boyfriend when they were stoned. Traumatized, the girls returned to their plan to make their own business. They made a jewelry shop, but Alice who missed her family, finally was going home to them–much to Alice’s mom and dad’s joy– and to continue their high school life.

This is not the happy ending novel.  Alice had more problems. She was babysitting the baby when Jill arrived and became stoned. Worried that she might hurt the baby, Alice quickly phoned up her parents who bought her home. Her act was considered a ‘betrayal’ in the drug circles. Now to top her troubles, all the drug users she knows at school started to bully her. They were furious with her actions to Jill. She and her family are threatened. When the stress was unbeareable, Alice ran away, for the second time in the novel.

Many teenagers wants to run away, and hitchhike, as they feel their parents or friends are driving them crazy. But for safety’s sake, I don’t believe this is a good solution. Though the outside world is alluring but it’s difficult to live out there without a support from guardian. The reason why this diary is special to experts is because Alice, unlike many other drug users, had written the diary. She has sufficient power over language to explain her struggles. The diary shows how Alice wanted to escape from taking drugs, but situation kept holding her back. She couldn’t find her way back from the dark road she has taken. Many times, she almost succeeded, but something always blew her back to square one.

Go Ask Alice is a true story. Alice died three weeks after her decision not to keep another diary. I feel kind of sad to watch Alice struggles over her thoughts, to vow not to take drugs anymore, before a small party ruins it. Alice tries not to join to party, but when she doesn’t join it, she has the risk of becoming hated by her fellow friends, which would also be equal to her life being ruined. I know being a teenager is hard and being parents of teens are hard… but I also I know it’s worth it.

Alice could be anyone you see every day who is in trouble but can’t get away from the trap. This book is an extraordinary tragic and true life story. I do hope all parents and teens read this book.


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