The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

book thiefThis was a story narrated by Death, who really hates the despair, death and destruction bought by war. In the case of this book, it was World War II, when everyone would salute Adolf Hitler with a “Heil Hitler!” And consider Jews, they were people with really filthy blood. This was a story revolved around a young 10 year old girl, named Liesel, who, on the beginning on the book, was on the way to meet her foster parents, with her mother and brother. On the train, her brother suddenly died, which was the first time Death saw her and the first time she took (or ‘stole’) a book. A book about ‘Gravediggers’.

Oh, the power of words! As soon as Liesel reached her new house, she met her foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann. When Hans found out that Liesel had that book, he decided to teach Liesel words, and that was how Liesel learnt how to read and write. She found so much joy in it, which led her to steal/take more books. She was like me, always hunger for words, sentences, and stories. Really, Hans played a vital role in Liesel’s life. When she found out the joy of the words, she was very happy. Liesel thanked her foster father.

Now Liesel had a really colorful family. Her foster father, Hans, could play the accordion, and survived the First World War. Thanks to a Jew, who apparently was Max’s (you will know more about him) father. Because of that, Hans let him stay. Hans helped Liesel in a lot of situations, like when she had nightmares about her dead brother and when she couldn’t sleep at night. Rosa was a kind of women who swore and talked bad thing about other people, but she had a good side if you can get to it. Liesel loved both of them dearly.

This story really inspires me to read more books. I could feel myself relate a little bit with Liesel, as both of us are book worms. We could spend a really long time, trying to read, and reread again. Nothing is better then the joy and happiness of reading, and pouring yourself through the words of the book.

It did not take a long time for Liesel to have friends. She was immediately friends with her next door neighbor, Rudy Steiner, who was a gifted runner and really loved Liesel. He always wanted a ‘kiss’ from her; therefore he kept on begging Liesel,at every open opportunity. Liesel always lightly refused and brushed it off with a smile before two of them ran off to do something else.

When the family sheltered a Jew, named Max, Liesel was forced to keep his company a secret, but in the end, they became good friends. There were often sharing dreams, thoughts, and the idea of books to each other. With Max writing down words, they really had a great time. Then one day, Max was il for three days on Liesel’s bed before waking up. After he recovered his power, he stayed for some time in Liesel’s house before disappearing.

Let me outline  a little bit more of World War II. It was a war that lasted for almost a decade from the year 1939, to 1945.  It was the most widespread war in history, and the most destructive one, which involved tanks, shot guns, guns, bombs, and finally the nuclear bomb. Never had the human race saw this kind of destruction. It was as if the world had come to an end. At least more then 7 nation leaders were involved in this war. 73,000,000 people had died in the war, before it ended.

I will tell you that this is an astounding book, a beautiful book, and a book that I know I will read again and again. I am a little sorry it is listed as a young adult book. It should be put for adults. I feel that if the bookstores put it in the young adult section, so many people will be missing out on a wonderful experience. Yet it is important that younger readers, high school readers, read this book too. This book really takes my breath away.

Markus Zusak was an Australian author, and was best known for this book and The Messenger. Overall, he is the author of five different books. He won the annual Margaret Edwards Award in 2014. Other than that, he also won some other awards. He’s spouse is Mika Zusak, and he has two children. He was born in the year 1975, on the month 23 June. He is currently 39 years old.


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