Grief And Loss

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” – Rumi

Coping with loss is never easy. In my whole life, I’ve experienced many loss. The most heart shattering one was from my beloved cat, Georgie, who died because probably eating rat poison. On the day of his death, I was in Beijing. The thought of being able to say goodbye before I go was probably a little bit soothing, but the thought of me never seeing him again was so heartbreaking.

Dealing with loss is never easy. There are many times, when some people goes depressed, and becomes… liveless, because of the loss. Many cries bucket of tears. It takes a long time for certain people to get over it. If it’s not precious, maybe two to three days, if it is really precious, then, it will almost never be gotten over. My mom couldn’t get over his loss of her first daughter (a.k.a my older sister) and first cat. She has a very special memory with those two.

In lots of stories about animals, every since a beloved animal has died, the owners refused to have another pet, never wanting to bear the same loss that they suffered some two to three years back, until they met another animal, who actually ‘begged’ to be their pet. Of course, in my opinion, you must get over your loss, but it doesn’t mean you shut down that piece of memory completely and forget about it. Remember, that whoever died will always still have a special piece in your heart.

There are many ways to get over your loss, in which some people decided to stay in a corner, weep and cry, and make other people sorry for him. And also stop eating, with the hopes of dying, and joining whoever died, and making others panic even more. That is not the way to deal with your loss. You must face your feelings. Yes, a grief really is horrible, and you must face it. You need to express your feelings in a tangible and creative way which doesn’t mean you go crying in a corner and having your mom say: “Oh My God dear you make me want to cry, please, come and eat something.” You have look after your physical body, although you are grieving you just can’t stop taking care of yourself, with the hopes of going to heaven because God have more plans for you. I think you don’t let anyone tell you how to feel, and don’t tell yourself how to feel either. You must face your grief alone.

The day I am writing this blog, my cousin is having her sad moment when her cat is missing in action. It’s been three weeks from now. I do hope she finds strength and can go on with her life. After all, I have tried to get over my loss, and currently I am living happily with my four cats.


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