“Hi, Elysa! How’s your cat?” That question was (almost) always asked.

“They are all fine, thank you.” I would answer.

As if on cue, the next question would be, “‘They’? How many cats do you have?”

“I have four. Sugar, the fattest cat in history. Stampy, the one who dropped chargers all over the places. Scarlett, going to arrive in my house soon (from my cousin). And Storm, my black Angora.” That’s what I would say.

“Wait…” Whoever asking would pause. “I never knew you had an Angora cat!”

Let me make the long story short. Months ago, my sister declared that she wanted a purebred cat. My mom didn’t respond at all, but I knew that she must be thinking about it. Then it’s happening one day when my mom followed suit. So I decided to help them, and with the help of the, and I found a lot of mixed purebreds for sale and adopt. After considering tons of cats, we went for the male Black Angora.

My mom called the owner of the cat, and we found out that he had to let go his beloved cat,  because he needs to often go out of town to do his photography job. He is worry that his cat would be abandoned because nobody won’t be able to take care of his cat. After chatting on the phone for several days, my mom agreed to adopt the cat without involving money at all.

So the owner of the cat asked us to come and had a small interview to check if we were the suitable owner for his cat. We picked ‘Item’ up from East Jakarta, and renamed him ‘Storm’. In the first few days at home, Storm, was under a lot of stress from the move. From the purring happy cat we saw earlier, he became all but silent, except for a few fights with our other indoor cat, Stampy. Now after two weeks, he is back to the purring spoiled bundle of fur, responding when we call him, and sharing territory with Stampy. We do not regret at all, adopting Storm. He is the charm in our family.


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