When The Wind Blows by James Patterson

when the wind blowsModern science had advanced so far, until scientists had created a hybrid between a human and a bird, only, they are doing it illegally. In this story, Max (an eleven year old girl with wings), and her brother Matthew, escapes the ‘school’ – a nickname for the place they stay, which is, a sort of a secret laboratory in the mountains. Some genetic researchers who work there create a small group of children with wings. Max and Matthew are one of the hybrids, and since they are half bird, they are able to fly when one day, they run away. Thanks to “the hunters” –  those who work in the lab – chase them with guns, the two siblings get separated.

That’s where the thrill begins…

When The Wind Blows by James Patterson grabbed me in the first chapter. It is a touching story about a group of children who are mistreated and misused for the benefit of another group of people. This group is using the children as test subjects by mutating cells of different animals and using host women to give birth to the children. These children are born mutated; some have wings, some have no faces, and some do not even survive. The ones that die, or are later “put to sleep” are stuffed away.

Back to the story. Meanwhile, a retired FBI agent name Kit Harrison decides to take his vacation on the cabin (but actually he wants to investigate some case) where Frannie O’Neal – a vet and her dead husband had lived. Her husband, David, was killed a few years ago in a parking lot. The police never found a suspect or lead. She still wakes up sweating after having a dream of her trying to save her loved husband once again. To top it off, Frannie sees Max. And Max sees her. And frightening Max, Frannie watches Max fly away. Frannie does not believe what she saw, and continues with her daily life. She starts to ask Kit of help, and the two start a relationship. Max has her time, and then, she watches Frannie and Kit from a distance, while miles away, Matthew is caught by ‘Uncle’ Thomas, one of the lab workers.

All these characters meet in one way or another, which leads up to an epic ending full of laughter, surprise, suspense, and loads of entertainment. It’s a great sci-fi story line. It deals with the type of experimentation science fiction enthusiasts – like me – probably dream about. In reality, I sure hope “ethical” considerations will win out. In theory, everything is possible on paper when they want to produce “super human”.

As the story goes on, Frannie meets Max again. This time she sees Max with Kit. They hatches a plan to capture her. And they succeed, after talking with Max through the door, Frannie and Kit earn her trust. She leads them back to the lab, to rescue the other bird children, and hopefully her brother, while trying to elude the unknown evil forces.

I can’t stop reading the story. When the Wind Blows is an entertaining mystery/suspense page turner. The truly scary part is that it’s all possible. James Patterson writes at the end of the book how all the scientists he interviewed said that the things that happened in the book are already happening or are going to happen in our lifetimes. So maybe one day, all people fantasies of flying will really come true.

This is the second book of James Patterson that I read. The first one is Zoo. Patterson said ‘The most scariest thing is, when the threat is Invisible.” I quite agree on that. (He wrote a book called ‘Invisible’.) James Patterson is an American Writer. He is largely known for his novels. His books have sold more than 300 million copies. In an interview with Stephen King, he referred to James Patterson as ‘A terrible writer but very successful’. I agree. I agree…


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