From Caroline (Neil Gaiman) to Sophie’s World (Jostein Gaarder)

Hello everybody. It has been a year since I’ve opened this blog. It started from Coraline, and I finished it with Sophie’s World. I was 10 years old back then, and now I am 11 years old. I wrote about 43 book (41 novels and 2 short story collections) reviews in a year, but actually I have read more than that. It’s funny how time passes without me noticing it. In last year, I’ve learned more on serious adult fictions than young adult books. After reading several books from those literature giants, I am asking myself what “literature” is, according to me? It’s quite hard to describe, but let me try. Every time I read a book, I get transported into a faraway land. Where I meet the characters and hop along with their struggle; and at the end, I enrich myself with “the victory”. Perhaps, that is the definition of literature: “becoming a part of life”. I can’t pinpoint it more that that; however, if you read lots and lots of books, you will soon come to know, the answer of this interesting question.

After one whole year, I can list my favorite books. Out of every book review I’ve posted in this blog, which one is my favorite? Is it a combination of Animal FarmMiraculous Journey of Edwar Tulane and Moominpappa at Sea? Or the combination of Guest’s Cat, Carrie, and The Phantom of the Opera? Whatever it could be, it must had been an interesting combo. After pondering it for awhile, here is mine:

a. The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly: I’ve watched the movie already. I can never forget this lovely beautiful short tale of a hen who raised a duck. Leafie (in the movie) or Sprout (in the book) describes every mother in the big wonderful world called Earth.

b. Sophie’s World: I find myself drawn into the newly read book, ‘Sophie’s World’, I have mentioned before that I’ve read some of Jostein Gaarder’s books before and found it interesting and fun. For philosophical lovers out there, Jostein Gaarder is the author for you.

c. The Pearl: The pearl in this story symbolizes the greed of mankind. The dark side of human beings, yet the perfectness of its beauty. Although short , it made me attracted to this book. This book cover is quite artistic. A scorpion climbing out of the cracks of a big pearl? No problem.


I am planning to write longer and better posts with improved writing techniques. That will make me busy the whole year, reading more books, scurrying to my (or my mom’s) library over and over again. I wil tell some stories about my cats, too, but they will come out at random time. And perhaps, I will write down the most memorable things of my life. My goal next year, is to get 15,000 views! (This year is a rough estimation of 12,900). Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will always be with me.

Tread lightly on Earth,

Elysa Ng

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