The Tumble of Six Little Kittens

We all know Sugar and love her. I am happy to say, that she is doing fine right now, and I am going to tell you about what she and I went through last year, that is, on January 8, 2013.

Sugar was pregnant. Everyone knows that, by the looks of her enlarge stomach, and her huge lazyness. On January 7th, I knew the time has come. That very afternoon, Sugar was already panting and looking at me with pleading eyes. I tried to make her as comfortable as I could with an old wicker basket and telling my other cat to stay away. Someone called on the phone and I answered, “Not now! My cat is giving birth!” Well, that ‘miracle’ did not happen in that day at all.

The next day, I heard a report that Sugar did not come for breakfast. Has she given birth already, I asked myself. Last time Ginger, my other cat, gave birth, she refused to be left alone and whenever we walked, she followed. I called Sugar, but Sugar did not appear. At last,  there came my decision that she may had already given birth somewhere with (maybe) five or four kittens, judging by the enlargened stomach. That was when I saw Sugar, passing my house. She was sniffing here and there; searching for a nest.. I called to her and she didn’t come, so I did my final resort, I went out of my house to get her. She dived in the gutter, the dry one. So, with the help with my houskeeper, I went in and get her. I introduced her to her basket and she stayed there.

It was 1o’clock pm and she was still outside and there were no kittens. So I decided to take her inside so she can deliver at home. It took us a four hour wait. She sat down for a long time, and I saw something.

“A bubble!” I hollered, and my housekeeper and sister came to look.

“There’s nothing,” my sister remarked.


There was something. Everyone started taking pictures. Then it was a head appeared. I cheered. The first kitten was born safely! It was a tabby and white. We watched Sugar cared for the kitten. After 15 minutes, the second kitten arrived! He was a black and white and was slightly bigger then the first. I realized that the kittens were coming every 15 minutes. The third was a black kitten. She was very big, and bigger then the second.

“Its getting bigger.”

The forth kitten was born feet first, like the third. It was also tabby and white, and was as small as the first. The fifth was born while I took a shower. It was yellow and white, and like the others, healthy. That’s it! I thought as we placed the family inside a warm cage, with blankets. Only five kittens.

At 7 pm, we checked on the kitten and I found all five curled in one corner, and Sugar licking another one! Wait, what? I did a quick count on the kittens. There were actually six kittens! Healthy and alive. All of them are currently not with me, as all of them are now gone. But the memories of living with them still stays with me forever, and I am proud of it.


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