Zoo by James Patterson and Micheal Ledwidge

zooThis story was one of my cherished stories, as it consists of animals, which are my favorite things in the worlds. Like Michael Chrichton’s books, this book is a techno-thriller set in the present day. It explores about a mystery illness that suddenly spreading around the world. The story is so real, but I can assure the readers, that it is entirely a fiction; well, let’s hope it will be. This is also my first book that I will be reviewing on a writer who works together with another writer.

Jackson Oz is a young biologist. He knows that the day is coming; he’s been steadily studying animal behavior toward humans for years. At the first few pages, he has a housemate, a chimpanze that is staying with him temporarily, named Atilla, and they are leading a normal and good life. That is a few years when animal attacks started rising everywhere. The prolog says about Mosa and Dominik, a pair of lions in a zoo which start attacking people.

So Oz (reminds me of the story of The Wizard of Oz) is called to go to check on the lions in Africa that are acting strangely. He tries to convince his girlfriend, Natlie to look after Atilla and she refuses as she thinks that the chimp is very annoying, and unlike Oz, she always freak sout whenever she sees an animal. Oz manages to get Natalie would look after Atilla, but he is on the plane, Natalie changes her mind. She writes email to Oz, saying she would not care after Atilla.

Oz meets his guide once he reaches to Africa. The go to the tourist camp to find everyone killed by the lions. I am starting not to believe this plot to the fact that I know about lions. Lions will never attack humans on any cost, but to defend themselves. So they drive in the Savannah and find the pack of lions that killed the humans. Oz notice in horror that all of them are male, before they attack the vehicle they are in.

Oz manages to film the whole thing while the guide is being eaten. Their car gets crashed. The story is building up with emotional tense. Oz cannot go back with the car in ruins, but with the help from Chloe, they are crossing the Savannah, to finally be able arriving home in New York City. Pets are starting to attack their owners and dissapear; zoo animals start to escape and kill tourists. It’s a big chaos. There are some incidents written on wolf attacks, gorilla attacks, leopard attacks, even dolphin attacks! Oz is racing with time to find the solution on why the problem is happening all over the world.

I personally love animals, always have, always will. Some of the scenes are so shocking and troubling me. They made me want to curl alone on a couch and cry. There is way too much detail about how people and animals die. I think I don’t really like to read the news about someone shoooting a cat or a dog, see their faces are covered with blood and a bullet hole. It’s awful. The book is full of much detail on such a disturbing subject.

James B. Patterson is an American author, born on March 22, 1947. He is largely known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross series, Michael Bennett series, Women’s Murder Club series, Maximum Ride series, Daniel X series, and Witch and Wizard series. There are many stand alone thrillers, non fictions, and romance novels too. He is a very famous and successful writer. His book have sold hundred of millions copies. This is my first time reading his work.


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