Dracula by Bram Stoker

draculaThis story plunges deep into its dark genre. So deep, it is horror itself. The readers will be mesmerized and glued to the first sentence, uncovering to the last terror plot. As the synopsis says, “The reader is warned that he who enters Castle Dracula may not escape its baleful spell even when he closes this book.” I felt a chill ran to my spine as I read this. Written in 1897, this is the mother of all modern vampire books that we are aware of in the present time. For vampire lovers, this book is dedicated just for them. There is plenty of stalking, biting, slashing, blood drinking…  Hands down, this is the greatest horror novel ever written.

It is understandable why people often call vampires as ‘Dracula’ (I also did that when I was small and Mom told me that I was really wrong. That ‘Dracula’ is just a name). It’s the same as people calling clownfish as ‘Nemo’. The story must really manipulate the culture that almost everyone call every being that looks like it as the name of the character in the book. Of course, I hope people are sensible enough not to find a clownfish and shout, “Look, it’s Nemo!” or to see a vampire strolling on the street and scream, “It’s Dracula! Everybody, run!”

The book contains blood transfusion, so allow me to explain its history. In 19th century, there was a little knowledge of medicine and science. But doctors already got the idea to transfer blood. When somebody almost died of blood loss, some doctor would try to transfer blood from animals, such as sheep or cow, to humans.  And of course, it didn’t work at all. Then, they came to a conclusion that humans and animals blood were not the same. They tried to transfer blood from human to human. They did this for quite some times to finally discover that there were human blood types in 1900. To think how fancy Stoker’s mind is, I am amazed, when he formulates the blood transfusion scene in the storyline.

What is a vampire? It is  a mythological creature, which is believed to be as strong as twenty men, can become a bat, controls thunder storms, and lives forever. This blood-thirsty monster will drink human blood and they will die of blood loss and become undead, just like him. This is the next thing I will talk about. There is a girl in the story named Lucy, who is gentle, sweet, and kind. Dracula bites her and she slowly dies of lost of blood. A few days after her death, she does not sleep in peace. She wakes up every night and drink children blood. In the end, the professor decapitates her and shoves garlic in her mouth.

Jonathan, the husband of Mina, is going to explore a castle in Transylvania; greeted by the Count. The Count warns him not to go around in the night. Jonathan is curious and goes around strolling. He is confronted by three female vampires, and is saved by the Count. The Count seems really friendly but then, it is all a trick. It does not take Jonathan too long to understand that he is a prisoner; he is stuck in the castle. He barelys escapes with his life. After reading the last part of his journal, I assume he is dead, but he is not. For me, death is better than escaping with a huge trauma. Throughout this story, Stoker demonstrates how horror can be very suspenseful.

As the vampire moves towards England, people fall as his victims. One of them is Lucy, as I mentioned above. Almost a whole crew of people in the ship dissapear. I guess the vampire is too hungry: he eats the whole men. Vampires exist in fiction; for it is not, it means death to us all. Do your maths and you will understand what I am trying to say. If a vampire bites one man who dies and becomes vampire, both them have the power of forty men. And then they would start biting victims, eating their blood, and those people would become vampires too. That would be the ending of human race.

The author, Bram Stoker must have a good imagination. He was born in the Victorian Era. By that time, there was no blood transfuson; therefore it surprises me to read a classic from this period that could just as easily have been written a hundred years later in 21st century. It’s so modern, so powerful, so genius. This book is much famous across the world. It is a scary, fascinating read; similar with contemporary novels in many ways, making it an easy read for me. For a long time, Dracula will be regarded as the all-time classical horror story.


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