The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

little princeTo begin with, I think the whole book is mystifying and scientific in the author’s own way. When I first saw the book cover, what came into my mind was about a story of a little boy in his own world. But when I read the first paragraph, I knew that I was wrong.

This story embarks with a pilot, with his point of view, getting stranded in the middle of the Sahara dessert, far away from any human contact. He is greeted by a small child who wants a picture of a sheep. Being wrecked in the Sahara Dessert and addressed by a small child (or the little Prince) is no joke at all.

Long time ago, when the pilot was little, he drew an anakonda eating an elephant but it was thought by a lot of adults as a hat. It’s weird. For me, the picture is clearly looked like a snake eating something that is really big. It doesn’t look like a hat at all, because the sides are not equal. Like the Little Prince, sometimes I honestly don’t understand the adult’s point of view.

After drawing three different sheep, the pilot draws a crate. The sheep is inside. The little Prince is really happy, but the pilot is not. He has water supply for only eight days. This part is a proof that adults are those who worry too much; I, on the other hand, as a child, enjoy life. The pilot earns and digs more information on the little boy he meets in the Sahara dessert.  He finds out that the boy lives in a small planet; so small that there are ony three active volcanoes in that planet. His planet reminds me of the theory of science I am learning in my class: there could be some living things in other planets, in a far away galaxy. My geography teacher said, ” The Universe is really big. It would be a complete waste if, except Earth, all the planets do not contain life.” Amen to that.

The little Prince starts to travel, leaving his beloved rose to explore the other planets. He meets adults on every planets. Those are the examples of the dreaded adults you could be. They are: a drunkard, a king with  no subjects, a businessmen who declares everything in the universe as his, and so on. There are the total of six men he visits before  he arrives into the planet Earth. They symbolizes despicable people; for instance, the businessmen who are too obssesed with money, assets, and possesion. They are missing out the true meaning of life. Throughout his book, Saint-Exupéry emphasizes the importance of looking beneath the surface to find true beauty in common things.

The Little Prince is a scientific and philosophical book combined. It is fiction, anyway. Since the chapter one, I am wondering why he is called Prince? Well, he lives in a planet in  a size of a house and he is the only inhabitant there. He considers himself a prince among all, a descendant from his planet. I do think the Prince’s planet is  a really lonely place. There is nobody except the rose to talk to.

Saint-Exupéry is a French aristocrat, a writer, and an aviator. He was born in 1900 and died in 1944. He dissapeared in the sky without trace. Someone reported that she was a witness of an aircraft crash. An unidentifiable body wearing French color was found several days after his vanish. It could be him. He was buried in Carqueiranne.

At the end of the book, the little Prince thought Earth has no inhabitants. He makes friends with some animals and plants. He meets a fox which states: “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”  I love this quote. I interpret it as everything that is precious cannot only perceived by the eyes, but the answer always lies inside. As the saying goes, “Always follow your heart”.


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