The Panthom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

LA_BOCA_POTO_500pxThere was once an opera in Paris, that was believed to be haunted. Indeed, super natural things were starting to happen. On the day of the retirement of the Opera Managers, a group of ballet girls had saw something ‘peculiar’ making the good-bye of Sorelli mixed up. Sorelli, a senior dancer, was not so happy about the interruption and asked the ballet girls what had happened and what they had seen. The girls said that they saw a ghost. More typically, the Opera Ghost. They said he was really ugly and hideous. But Sorelli did not believe them, until, she heard a faint rustling coming from outside her dressing room. One of the girls said that it was the Opera Ghost, and Sorelli felt fear rushing towards her. She slowly opened the door. But there was nothing in the hallway.

What happened next was even weirder. A woman appeared, out of breath, and seemed spooked really bad. She informed them that they found the scene shifter, Joseph Buquet dead. He was hanged on the third floor cellar by a rope. When the witness called for help and the managers commanded to cut  the rope, the rope mysteriously disappear! And that was the beginning.

The managers were even more surprised to Christine Daae. Her bad voice suddenly transformed into a very beautiful voice, and she could sing a really beautiful song. Raoul, the little brother of Philippe, had fallen in love with this beautiful lady. After singing the most beautiful song in front of everybody in the opera, she fainted. Right on stage.

Raoul hurried to her dressing room, where Christine had recovered and told her he wanted to speak with her. Then suddenly, Christine told everybody to go out. Raoul did go outside. He remembered that he told her he wanted to communicate with her privately, and that perhaps she liked Raoul after all, and wished to talk with him alone too.

As he was about to go in, he heard a voice. Another man’s voice! Christine seemed to be talking and pleading with him. Then Raoul saw Christine went out of the room. When he looked into the room, he saw no one inside. Although he checked every corner, it was empty. Raoul vowed to find out more, but for a mean time, there was exactly nothing he could do.

The mangers were getting frustrated.  The lady who cleaned up and took care of Box Five had told them that it was the Opera’s Ghost’s box. She admitted to them that in the middle of the first act, he was always there and sometimes told her to do him some favors. He also gave her some ‘prizes’ for presenting him the things that he needed. She knew the Opera Ghost was a man because of his voice.

The managers soon decided to sell Box Five. But before they could do that, they received a very polite note from the Opera Ghost, or rather O.G that they should not sell Box Five. With many confusion, they did not sell the box after all.

They received another note saying that Christine should take the main role of the performance in the evening, not Charlotta, a really beautiful singer and a popular one too. Or else, a curse shall be placed in the opera. But the managers did not agree in this note. Charlotta would sing. Charlotta had also received a letter from the Opera Ghost regarding her not to sing as the main role. But still, Charlotta did not want to listen and refused point-black to give up her role.

The managers decided to sit on Box Five and watched the performance of Charlotta. When the show started, nothing had happened and the director said that it might happen in the middle of the first act. But nothing happened too. At the most dramatic part (just when the managers and director were starting to get convinced that actually nothing was going to happen), what came out of Charlotta’s mouth was a croak like a toad. And instead of stopping, Charlotta hotheadedly  continued singing, now, every line of her song ended with a croak. Sometimes she croaked like a toad in the middle of the line. As for Christine, she disappeared.

There was going to be a masked ball. Christine sent Raoul a note. Now everybody had believed Christine was gone disappeared. Receiving a note, Raoul was indeed, really suprised and did everthing the letter said. He found her in the masked ball and together they walked about. Christine informed him that he would never meet her again and ran away.

Raoul was really unhappy about this and went to hide in her dressing room, hoping to find out who exactly was talking to her. As she entered, she immediately sighed, “Poor Eric!” This was making Ralph even more confused. He saw her dance into a mirror. After Raoul emerged from his hiding place, Christine was gone, again.

Raoul saw Christine at her mother’s house where Raoul decided to visit to question. This time, he noticed that she was wearing a golden ring. Raoul grew suspisious and took her hand, only to get it snatched alway by its owner. Raoul also questioned her about everything that happened, only to find it denied by Christine.

She also saw her the next day, still wearing the golden ring, and he talked to her. He found out everything that happened from her. They decided to run away. But alas! Christine lost her ring. The only way that made the Opera Ghost as her friend. So that was what happened. In the middle of a show, Christine disappeared.

Raoul and a Persian grouped up to find Christine. They went using the second way to get inside the Opera Ghost’s house. After facing many obstacles, they managed to get in. Christine was really in a bad condition. The Opera Ghost, Eric, was mad. Telling her ’till eleven o’clock, she had to marry him or die. Christine chose the first option. Suddenly, there was a big flood inside. Raoul, the Persian and Christine nearly died drowned.

The Opera Ghost saved the Persian. Since he himself was dying, Eric allowed Christine to marry Raoul. And then the Opera Ghost died. End of story.


The story is about a triangle love. Christine loves the Opera Ghost and Raoul . They both love her back. But they both detest each other.

Christine adores Eric, who is her Angel of Music. What does the ‘Angel of Music’ mean for me? For me, it means inspiration (of music). It can be a band, or even a simple song. The Angel Of Music will inspires people to play music. With its inspirit, people will play music beautifully, or even create the most mind-blowing and stunning songs. Have you got a call by your Angel of Music? I have not. But soon, somewhere along my life, I think my Angel of Music would come to me. By then, I would be “his little apprentice”.

I think ‘Angel of Music’ is equivalent with the other patrons of art, for example “the patron of painting” and “the patron of story”. Before writing the series of Warriors, for example, my favorite author Erin Hunter must be inspired by her “Literary Guardian”. What I mean by Literary Guardian is it could be someone she loves, or could be from her experience. I know she is a naturalist and believes in suppotitious and allegorical explanation for animal behaviors.

‘Music is the heart and soul’. Is that a quote really common? What happens when there is no music? The world will become dull. We hear music everywhere. There is no place without music. With my experience of playing the violin for six years, when I play it for a very long time, I will forget my sorrow, which is really magical. Not only that, during a small survey at school, I found out that everybody has “music” in their body and soul. Our heart, that is alway faithfully beating like a drum, is also a melodious song.

I assume everyone can play at least one instrument or simply sing. Everything starts from something simple because that is the nature of music, after all. Like music, this is what the story is all about. Tender, yet painfully beautiful.

The author, Gaston Leroux, lived in Paris. He was born on the year 1868, 6th of May. He died on the year 1927, on 15th of April. He is an author of many books. And almost all has a France title. Overall, The Phantom of the Opera is one of the best medieval and gothic musical books that I had ever read.


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