Lord of the Flies by William Golding

lotfThis story started when a plane crashed in an inhabited island. We met a boy with fair hair, named Ralph, and a really fat boy who had asthma and worn spectacles, named Piggy. Ever since they met, Piggy refused to leave Ralph’s side. After Ralph took a swim at the lagoon, he found a conch shell on the sand. Piggy informed Ralph it was a conch shell. After a short conversation, Piggy told Ralph to blow the conch shell to call all those that were stranded on the island just like them.

They found some survivors including a choir group with their leader named Jack Merridew, Simon, a boy named Roger, and Sam and Eric, who were twins. The boys decided to vote for a leader. Jack expected every boy on the island to vote for him. But no. Only his choir group members voted for him. While Ralph, he got every boy’s vote except for Jack’s choir team.

Ralph believed in order and organization. After exploring the  island with Jack, Simon, and Piggy, He decided to make a fire on top of the mountain to signal ships, that THEY were there. All the boys agreed and started racing to the direction of the mountains. With Piggy behind them muttering, “Like little kids.”

After setting the mountain on fire, which of course was exhausting and it would all be in vain if not for Piggy’s glasses who started the fire, one of the ‘Littluns’ squeaked out that he knew there was a ‘beast’ and a ‘snake thingy’ on the island. Ralph told the ‘littlun’ that the boy must be dreaming about the beast and that there was no snakes in the island except in Africa and some other places.

While Ralph and his most faithful partners and friends started to build huts, Jack and his choir group became hunters. Ralph and Jack went to a little argument. After some few days, Ralph and the faithful friends, saw a ship in the distance but it did not stop. It went on. Ralph immediately consulted Jack and blamed him for not keeping the fire going. They had another argument.

Then soon, there were rumors of the ‘beast.’ Some ‘littluns’ believed they came from the sea. When Sam and Eric went out, they saw the beast. They thought the ‘beast’ actually came from the sky. Ralph, Jack, and Roger searched for the ‘beast’ and found it at the mountain. Long after the beast was encountered, Jack and his choir was getting wilder. They had a new chant called “Kill the beast, cut his throat, spill his blood.” Jack got an idea to present the beast a pig’s head.

It was Simon who recognized the beast as the pilot of their last plan. It was Simon who hallucinated the pig’s head as the ‘Lord of the Flies’ and told him that there was NO BEAST, and it was actually the boys who were the beasts. Simon went to told the others. Sadly, he was mistaken as the beast by the boys. He was killed by Jack and his choir who now, were not even a choir group but a hunting group.

Jack and Ralph had YET another argument and this time, Jack seized the reign and stole Piggy’s glasses, which had actually been used to create fire to all of them. When they came to take the glasses back, Jack smashed the conch and killed Piggy. Ralph became an outsider with Sam/Eric with him. But it did not end there, Jack forced Sam/Eric to join his ‘tribe’ and torture them when they refused. Ralph alone became an outsider.

After some time, Ralph and Jack had a battle which set fire to the whole island. And Ralph stumbled across an officer who said he saw their fire and came to investigate. Soon, they were off the island.


My mom said to me that each character in this book is a symbol for greater explanation.

  • Ralph symbolizes order and organization.
  • Jack Merridew symbolizes chaos and unorganization
  • Piggy symbolizes scientific people
  • Simon symbolizes those who are very sensitive and artsy. Those who connects with the beauty of the nature.
  • The conch symbolizes the freedom to speak
  • Lord of the Flies symbolizes God.

What I understand about the book is the boys were stranded across an island and they governed themselves. I imagine if I happened to be stranded on the island with the bunch of girls, I would first make a shelter, hunt, and find for help. From this book, I study myself and I am not sure if I am related to any of those boys. I think my charateristics fall between Piggy and Simon.  I admire Ralph for his good leadership. Without good leadership, a group could collapse. That is why every country needs to vote a good leader; though I know some states don’t do this.

The book is talking about civilization. In my school, I learned about the Indus Valley Civilization and the Chinese Civilization. The civilization that survive until now is the Chinese and Greek civilization. Most of the old civilization had declined. In Lord of the Flies, “the civilization” weakens pretty quickly because of the chaos created by Jack. They are becoming wilder every day; starting from organized students to tribe, acting like hooligans.

I don’t really get the book, because the grammar is very hard. Spelling is very unusual. And I think the books is too mature for me. I found out from the internet that the book is written by Nobel Prize winning author, William Golding, in 1954. This book is also required reading in colleges/universities and it is one of the most challenging books in the world. Wow. I am proud that I am one of the special kids who are able to finish this book in my age 🙂


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